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What is Integrative Health Coaching?

How Will We Work Together?

Integrative health is the intelligent combination of conventional medicine plus naturopathic and holistic principles, treatments and therapies. The emphasis is on health restoration, wellness promotion and prevention of illness and disease. Working with the body’s innate wisdom and each person’s bio individuality to identify root causes of dysfunction, primarily due to imbalances and deficiencies from numerous factors.  We will work together to address these underlying conditions with a specialized plan and powerful healing modalities to bring the body back into equilibrium. It is the most empowered and successful way to both heal and thrive.

My approach is to help facilitate the healing of the whole person, not just suppressing symptoms and not just based on diet or lifestyle fads that come and go. My goal is to skillfully guide and support you in taking the steps to purify and reset the body and then strengthen and
rebuild its natural state of wellness and vitality.

How Will We Work Together?

Herbal Treatment

We begin with a phone consultation and then follow with four scheduled sessions over 12 weeks.


With the proper planning, support, and evidence based protocols,

this period of time can absolutely change your life.

If you can commit to 12 WEEKS, you can radically change anything in your life, and that includes your health. 

~ Dr. Stephen Cabral

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